"You must love all that God has created, both His entire world and each tiny little sand grain of it, then your mind will open itself to an all embracing love." Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Rain and Sunshine

Sunday it just rained and rained and rained... glorious, beautiful, nourishing rain... the thunder boomed and the lightening cracked as we were sitting in Church... it just made God's love seem all the more real... He knew what we needed and as usual He provided. The earth was rejuvenated by the much needed moisture that only He can give...

Monday was steamy... once again just perfect to warm things up after the rain.  Today we planted and it was just right... cooler and breezy... Everything is alright, God is in Heaven.

Why do I doubt sometimes?  I just don't understand when He has never let me down, although I have let Him down. He has never left me wanting for anything and He has always loved me tenderly, even when I didn't deserve it. 

Life is filled with stress along with the joys... we have good days right before and after the bad ones...

Faith as a mustard seed right?  Do you know how small a mustard seed is?  Oh we of little faith...
Again a special note from Helen Steiner Rice...

Mover Of Mountains,
by Helen Steiner Rice

Faith is a force that is greater
than knowledge or power or skill,
And the darkest defeat turns to triumph
if you trust in God's wisdom and will,
For faith is a mover of mountains -
there's nothing man cannot achieve
If he has the courage to try it
and then has the faith to believe. 

Until next time,

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Spring and Faith

"To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven: A time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to pluck up that which is planted;" Ecclesiastics 3:1-2

Spring & Faith...

Spring.... is the day I long for through the cold, dreary days of Winter.  Although who could complain this past Winter, if that's even what you want to call it.  I am curious to know what the actual snow fall accumulation was, it certainly couldn't have been very much. 

This Spring allowed us to get some yard work done mush sooner than 'normal' around here~ some that typically wouldn't have even gotten around to until at least April, and that's with good weather.  Neil kept telling me not to get too excited, we would surly get a snow storm any day. I know he's right, but I told him that I have faith that it won't.  Some may call that fruitless faith or even wishful thinking, but I really thought it is was here to stay... but we did get some more snow... and I did even loose one of my David Austin Roses with it... my Graham Thomas... so disappointing.  About four years ago we had that blizzard on Easter Sunday... such is life in Michigan!

Faith is a great thing you know. It helps in times of distress... it keeps you looking forward instead of backward... I truly believe it makes a person a whole lot happier. 

Until next time,

Friday, May 25, 2012

Waiting On A Mirical

God is in the business of making miracles happen every moment of the day.  We live in a nation where people don't really think they need God... people are pretty self sufficient... yea we all have bad day's and mishaps, but really... for those who've got a job, a family, a decent vehicle and the basic necessities of life, you're OK... right?

What about those who live in third world nations... those areas that are war torn... famine and sickness surrounds these people... some of them have the opportunity through missionaries to come to know the Lord, while others linger around idol's never knowing the one true God.

We as a 'civilized' culture, and I say that loosely, can pretty much take care of ourselves.  Yes there are those who have experienced the natural disasters of floods, tornado's and such, but overall we've got it pretty good.  There are grocery stores and what ever you want stores on every corner... not so much where we live in the country... but you get the point. 

When do we as a nation get to the point where we realize that we do need God?  That He is control of everything... even our trivial little lives?  We are so little in the big scheme of things... yet we think we are so very important.  It reminds me of the Titanic... the proud captain said that even God Himself couldn't sink that ship... well we all know what happened.  I don't think God is cruel for allowing that to happen... but His Word is true and 'pride does go before destruction'...

Let us truly look on our self and realize that life is but a breath and at any given moment we can simply be gone as a vapor... as the wise Ecclesiastes writer wrote... 'life is all vanity'...

Until next time,

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

God's Hand Is Always There

God's Hand Is Always There
a poem by Helen Steiner Rice

I am perplexed and often vexed,
And sometimes I cry and sadly sigh,
But do not think, dear Father above,
That I question You or Your unfailing love.
It's just that sometimes when I reach out,
You seem to be nowhere about.
And while I'm sure You love me still,
I know in my heart that You love me still,
I know in my heart that You always will,
Somehow I feel I cannot reach You.
And though I get on my knees and beseech You,
I cannot bring You close to me,
And I feel adrift on life's raging sea.
But though I cannot find your hand
To lead me on to the promised land,
I still believe with all my being
Your hand is there beyond my seeing.

My heart is longing to be there by your side and when you led me to this poem I know You are there... I just wish I could feel Your arms surround me now... for I feel so alone.

Until next time,

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I Believe In Miracles

Life is filled with trials and some days they look bigger than anything we as humans can deal with... but my God up in Heaven is still working miracles today... for me and for you!

Today is one of those days I need a miracle... God knows what it is and I believe He will provide... this mountain appears bigger than Mount Everest, but I know it's not, not for my God.

This God saved four young souls from the blazing inferno of the furnace...
He fed his prophet for over three years by the ravens...
He parted the Red Sea and allowed His people to cross...
He created the sun and the moon...
He made the lame man to walk and cured the lepers...
He made the rainbow for a promise...
He made His son to rise from the dead...
He healed my back pain through the prayers of friends...
He gives us the Holy Spirit to help us pray...
He saved my soul...

He will move this mountain... I have to have the faith that it takes to move mountains... only as big as a tiny mustard seed... that's all I need for Him... trials make my faith grow because I see how He always works things out... and He'll work this out too...

I know he will,
Until next time,

Monday, May 21, 2012


So simple yet so elegant, isn't it.
... wild flowers, sweet pea blooms, cleome, queen Anne's lace... whatever you can find...
placed in old glass milk jars, wine bottles, mason jars... whatever you want... that's the charm of it!

Flowers are charming and add happiness and smiles where ever they are... I have met a few people in my day that have actually said they don't like flowers... and I might add, they are grumpy people... afterall anyone who can't find beauty in a flower has to be grumpy, wouldn't you think?

I think of Heaven when I am in my gardens... afterall, 'it all began in a garden'... yes I imagine how beautiful it must have been, and how beautiful it must be now... I believe with all my heart that Heaven will be one big beautiful garden.  God created the earth and all that is on and in it... have you ever looked inside a flower bloosom?  Those who believe in evolution must be so sad inside... to look at the beauty of nature and try to convince themselves that it just happened... it is just so silly to me. 

Yesterday Evan noticed a bumpy toad in the flower bed off the patio... I right quick got a clay pot and put it in there so it would have a home.  Evan, Aaron & I watched it as it backed itself into the dirt and used it's back legs to burrow itself in.  Today Ethan noticed the Baltimore Oriole's in the yard... the orange brightness of there beauty didn't just happen... Nature simply sings out of Gods glory... to hear and understand that song is a blessing and a gift.

Today I planted up a few more of my containers... I planted begonias in some of my pots for the porch tables and kitchen window sill.  Basils in pots on the front porch too... just gotta have basil everywhere.  I have several wheel barrows that I have always planted double petunias in. This year I am doing something different...   In one I decided to scatter zinnia seed... I love zinnias... they just smile at you! In another I planted several nasturtiums.  I am excited to see how they look all full and overflowing.  I have another that I am not sure what I am going to do yet... I am one of those gardeners that will just know when the time is right. 

Today was a great day... hope yours was too!
Until next time,

Sunday, May 20, 2012

My Heart & Soul

The Lord's day is so special to me... it allows me time to reflect on things... the everyday things of life... what's important and what's not... my family and the time we spend together... where things are going and stalling... to just be...

Today's sermon talked a bit on the ark... the minister was comparing the raven and the dove... it was quite enlightening to me... I had never really thought about some things that he pointed out.

First Noah sent the raven and it just roamed to and fro but never returned to the ark for safty... 
Then Noah sent out the dove... it flew and found 'no rest for it's soles...' and it returned to the ark of safty...  then it was released again and this time it brought back an olive branch... life... but it still returned to the ark... then the third time it didn't come back... it was able to survive in the new life found on the earth...

In the New Testament satan is said to roam to and fro across the earth looking for what he can devour... a raven is a 'devouring' bird... it's hunts for carnage... dead things...
A dove is often a symbol of Christianity, peace and gentleness... like Jesus... the dove went out and sought life...

There is only true life in in living for Jesus and His salvation...

A hymn we sang at church...

Holy Jesus, lovely Lamb,
Thine and only Thine I am;
Take my body, spirit, soul,
Only Thou possess the whole.

Thou my dearest object be,
Let me ever cleave to Thee;
Let me choose the better part,
Let me give Thee all my heart.

Whom have I on earth below?
Only Thee I wish to know;
Whom have I in heaven but Thee?
Thou art all in all to me.

All my treasure is above,
My best portion is Thy love;
Who the worth of love can tell?
Infinite unsearchable!

Nothing else may I require;
Let me Thee alone desire;
Pleased with what Thy love provides,
Weaned from all the world besides.

Until next time,

Friday, May 18, 2012

Loving My Children...

My children are the love of my life... they are the stress of my days...
My children are a breath of fresh air and a sigh of exasperation...
My children are the joy of each day and the grief of my heart...
My children will own my heart no matter what... 
 all the days of their lives. 
Nobody Knows But Mother
Nobody knows of the work it makes
To keep the home together;
Nobody knows of the steps it takes,
Nobody knows- but mother.

Nobody listens to childish woes
Which kisses only smother;
Nobody's pained y naughty blows,
Nobody- only mother.

Nobody knows of the anxious fears
Lest darlings may not weather
The storm of life in after years,
Nobody knows- but mother.

Nobody knows of the sleepless care,
Bestowed on baby brother;
Nobody knows of the tender prayer
Nobody- only mother.

Nobody knows of the lessons taught
Of loving one another;
Nobody knows of the patience sought
Nobody- only mother.

Nobody kneels at the throne above
To thank the Heavenly Father
For the sweetest gift- mother's love,
Nobody can- but mother.

Author Unknown.

Until next time,

Monday, May 7, 2012


"Again and again, I've found Him faithful to respond, and the closer I move to Him,
 the safer I feel and the better I rest."
Patsy Clairmont

'The Lord is nigh unto them that are of a broken heart; and saveth such as be of a contrite spirit.'
Psalm 34:18 KJV

What comforting words as I sought Him... today was a bit of a difficult one... but as always, I asked and He answered...  The words above were given to me from Him.  As I prayed He showed me and led me to the words you see above.

HE is so faithful to me, even when I have not been to Him... my heart cries out to Him and He is instantly there... although He never left, He is always by my side guilding me through life... as I allow Him too that is.  It is my choice... I can turn away and get too busy and forget about Him, but He just stands back where I walked away... and waits for me to come back...

Have you ever just got down and prayed... I mean just prayed so hard the words weren't even there... groanings within that only He understands...

His touch upon my heart when it's breaking... His peace resting upon my soul when it is weary... His perfect love never failing, even when I fail... 

Until next time,

To Journal

I love to journal...

It is another love of mine next to gardening, bird watching and canning.  I have kept a diary or journal for as long as I can remember.  These day's I keep my prayer, church and gardening journals.  I have in the past been an avid scrapbooker, always journaling the stories of our life for our children... Documenting each story with intricate detail so if anything ever happens they would 'know'... 

That was before six children, a farm with pigs & chickens, a CSA, a butcher shop, green houses, hoop houses, gardens (well I've always had garden's) I should say fields, canning and preserving, sewing clothes, being a vendor at Farmers Markets, managing & organizing a winter market and just the regular daily grind that we call 'life'.

When do I find time for me...  alone in the gardens in summer and now right here...

So many of our market friends wonder what our life is like on the farm... how we manage to do what we do... questions on recipes & gardening...

My blogs are where I want to express those things... where I hope you join me often for the laughter and  the tears; the excitement's  and the disappointments; the flopped recipe's and the 'wow, that is great' stuff that happens at Garden Gate.  I look forward to sharing with all of you...
Until next time,     

Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Beauty Of Spring

"Biltmore Conservatory" in North Carolina April 2005, photo by Marilyn Lennis, used with permission.

Spring is forgiveness... spring is rebirth... spring is a new start... spring is beautiful!

Thursday it rained and rained... the boys noticed a full rainbow lighting the sky... they called us over to see it... such majesty in it... such a beautiful promise from Him in it...
and into the night it still rained... the rain descended steady and straight giving a refreshing drink to the world...

Friday morning I woke up... got a cup of coffee and sat on the porch... the sky was blue... the air was crisp and it smelled so clean... the robin was singing a song that just sounded victorious... praising God for the rain and the lush green world around us... the peepers were singing so loudly... it's not often you hear them in the day... they usually welcome in the evening to all the eager listeners...

I just sat... and breathed... and praised Him for the beauty... the earthy sounds... the refreshing smells of rain...

God is in Heaven... everything is alright...
Until next time,

Thursday, May 3, 2012

A Bleeding Heart...

"A Bleeding Heart" by, Jean Smith

Thunder rumbled through the night... rain poured and watered the fields and gardens... lightening brightened our dark rooms...  I lay in bed listening... watching...  I love thunder storms... the power in them, not knowing when the next boom and crash will come.  We often sit on the front porch and watch and feel the storms... the rain comes down straight and clean... watering all the earth... God is so faithful, he rains on the righteous and the wicked.

Discouragement falls upon people like the rain, and if not dealt with in a positive way, it will take you down a road filled with self pity and negative thoughts that will haunt you and eventually destroy all your inner peace... discouragement is not of the Lord... He is full of love and mercy...  

Here is a poem from Helen Steiner Rice... may you be encouraged...

Never Be Discouraged

There is really nothing we need know,
or even try to understand
If we refuse to be discouraged
and trust God's guiding hand,
So take heart and meet each minute
with faith in God's great love,
Aware that every day of life
is controlled by God above.
And never dread tomorrow
or what the future brings.
Just pray for strength and courage
and trust God in all things,
And never grow discouraged- 
be patient and just wait,
For god never comes too early,
and He never comes too late.

Until next time,

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Sharing His Love...

My dear 'mother~in~the~Lord' sent this to me.  It is so reassuring to know when you are loved...

"He [my Lord] said to me,
'My grace is sufficient for you,
for My strength is made perfect in weakness.'
2 Corinthians 12:9
He giveth more grace as our burdens grow greater,
He sendeth more strength as our labors increase;
To added afflictions He addeth His mercy,
To multiplied trials He multiplies peace.
His love has no limits, His grace has no measure,
His power no boundary known unto men;
For out of His infinite riches in Jesus
He giveth, and giveth, and giveth again.

Until next time,