"You must love all that God has created, both His entire world and each tiny little sand grain of it, then your mind will open itself to an all embracing love." Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Sunday, May 20, 2012

My Heart & Soul

The Lord's day is so special to me... it allows me time to reflect on things... the everyday things of life... what's important and what's not... my family and the time we spend together... where things are going and stalling... to just be...

Today's sermon talked a bit on the ark... the minister was comparing the raven and the dove... it was quite enlightening to me... I had never really thought about some things that he pointed out.

First Noah sent the raven and it just roamed to and fro but never returned to the ark for safty... 
Then Noah sent out the dove... it flew and found 'no rest for it's soles...' and it returned to the ark of safty...  then it was released again and this time it brought back an olive branch... life... but it still returned to the ark... then the third time it didn't come back... it was able to survive in the new life found on the earth...

In the New Testament satan is said to roam to and fro across the earth looking for what he can devour... a raven is a 'devouring' bird... it's hunts for carnage... dead things...
A dove is often a symbol of Christianity, peace and gentleness... like Jesus... the dove went out and sought life...

There is only true life in in living for Jesus and His salvation...

A hymn we sang at church...

Holy Jesus, lovely Lamb,
Thine and only Thine I am;
Take my body, spirit, soul,
Only Thou possess the whole.

Thou my dearest object be,
Let me ever cleave to Thee;
Let me choose the better part,
Let me give Thee all my heart.

Whom have I on earth below?
Only Thee I wish to know;
Whom have I in heaven but Thee?
Thou art all in all to me.

All my treasure is above,
My best portion is Thy love;
Who the worth of love can tell?
Infinite unsearchable!

Nothing else may I require;
Let me Thee alone desire;
Pleased with what Thy love provides,
Weaned from all the world besides.

Until next time,

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