"You must love all that God has created, both His entire world and each tiny little sand grain of it, then your mind will open itself to an all embracing love." Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A Handy Prayer List

I was reading out of "Family Life" an Anabaptist publication and on the back cover of the current issue was something that struck my heart...
How often do we forget to pray for others... not our loved ones and friends, but 'other's' as well as the loved ones & friends? We are all guilty of it.. we get busy and 'forget' about friend Jane's heartbreak or brother John's sick wife and so on...

I thought I would share an excerpt of this wonderful reminder...

   "A grandmother had been telling a Bible story to her grandchildren.  She explained to them how Daniel had faithfully prayed to God three times a day.  'What do you think he prayed for?' she asked.
   Then she held up her left hand so all of the children could see, 'Look at my thumb and fingers, ' she said. 'They remind me of things I should pray for every day.  My thumb is nearest to me, so I start by praying for my family, the ones who are dearest and nearest to me.  I pray for my friends and neighbords too.  And I thank the Lord that He has blessed me with so many dear ones.  That is a good way to start my prayer.'
   Grandma paused, but she was still holding her hand in the air.  'Next to my thumb is my index finger,' she said.  'Years ago, my teacher used to point that finger at me in school.  Sometimes our preachers shake this finger in church when they are warning us about dangers. So when I think of that finger, I pray for the teachers and preachers and the parents who have a great responsibility to guide those in their care.'
   The grandchildren were listening with interest. 'My middle finger is the longest one,' Grandma continued.  'It stands above the others.  This reminds me to pray for the rulers of our country and for all those in authority.
   The next finger is the weakest one. It makes me think of the poor and the sick and helpless. I ask the Lord to supply their needs and to strengthen them in body and soul.  And I also pray that if there is any way I can be a help to these people. I want to do my part.'
   With that, the grandmother came at last to her little finger.  'This one stands for me,'
 she said.  'So I finish my prayer by praying for myself and all the things I need." 

... thought provoking,
Until next time,

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